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Hey, I am Dennis Ollhoff, also known as Nyxb, a fanatical open sourcerer, educator, indie hacker, and a dedicated white hat hacker.

I am the Co-Founder and CTO of Joypix.
Creator of Nyxb UI, Conventional Emoji Commits and others.

Dreaming up ideas and nurturing them to reality, especially in the realm of education, is where my passion lies. You can find my full projects list here.

Outside of programming, I have a diverse set of hobbies that include traveling with my wife and kids, shooting with handguns at my local club, and practicing archery. If you happen to be in the same city I reside in (currently Hamburg), perhaps we could meet up. We could share a coffee, discuss coding, or even plan a day at the shooting range or archery field. It’s always great to connect with like-minded individuals and share our passions.

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